In Memoriam – Tom Malone

Tom Malone has been a member of the Rolling Mill community for over 15 years. He moved from his native Florida to Cumberland with his late wife who was a lifelong Cumberland resident.

In his 81 years, he led an event-filled life, working as everything from a rancher to a water ski instructor. He faced one of the most difficult challenges of his life. At the same time he was fighting the city to keep his home, Tom was also battling advanced cancer.

Tom didn’t want to move. Not only because he was busy focusing on his illness, and not only because he was close to his Emily Street neighbors who cared for him, but because his home was a monument to the woman who brought him to Cumberland. Everything in the house reminded him of her, from the Christmas tree she left up, which he still decorated, to the linens on the bed which he had never changed since she last slept in them.

Tom Malone