IFJ_1499The city of Cumberland, MD wants to bulldoze our neighborhood to build a chain restaurant and a parking lot. But a dozen of us still live here – and our homes are not for sale.

Please visit and like our Facebook page and get involved in other ways to help Woody, Susan, Larry, Debbie, and the rest of us save our homes. Sign up here to stand with us!

Although some property owners have willingly sold their properties to the city, as is their right, we do not want to move. Our houses are more than structures—they are our homes, and nothing can replace the memories and the love we have created in them.

Our homes are not for sale, but Mayor Brian Grim says that the project is moving forward.  He repeatedly says that he doesn’t “intend” to use eminent domain, but that is the only way he is going to get our homes.  His intentions are surely not a guarantee that our homes are safe.

We came together to form the Save Our Homes Alliance, dedicated to helping those residents who want to remain in their homes. We oppose the abuse of eminent domain for private development and demand our right to be left alone and to pursue our American Dream.

Stand with us! Tell the Mayor to take his bulldozers somewhere else!

Mayor Brian K. Grim

Councilwoman Nicole Alt-Myers

Councilman Seth D. Bernard

Councilman David Caporale

Councilman Richard J. Cioni

still not for sale final


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  1. I on behalf of my mom and dad , Walter and Mary Moore feel the same as you. My mom grew up in her home and even though it isn’the in very good shape they would be lost without the comfort of their own place. They would never be happy any where else and I know it would be the death of them. I truly cannot watch that happen to them for another restaurant and/or parking lot. There have been so many people move out of town because of no good jobs or especially all the crime. Maybe the city should put more effort and money into taking back the streets instead of taking a person’s home

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    • city added 2 million more to buy homes….seems they want the properties..
      Rolling Mill stops at the south side of Williams Street, as seen in the 2008
      survey…..but CDC wants to extend the RollingMill…


  2. In Frostburg we got the city to pass a resolution not to expand eminent domain within the city limits.

    Now if the City of Cumberland forces eminent domain, file suit in Maryland court on grounds that they did not pay home owner’s for an average market appraisal value for properties purchased in the rolling mill area and two that the City of Cumberland doesn’t have a detailed use map and plan for this reuse, meaning that this project is purely speculative in nature and does not follow Maryland law concerning expanding eminent domain. Good luck!


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  3. It’s called eminent domain. It’s a ridiculous thing too. Keep getting signatures. Don’t back down. It’s yours! This type of cap is going on everywhere, just so someone can get their greedy pockets filled. There’s a,special place in hell for bullies!


  4. You need to find a lawyer who will fight this all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Several years ago, SCOTUS decided that eminent domain could be used to transfer property to private business. This decision needs to be reversed, which will be difficult. However, simply fighting for the traditional definition of eminent domain might be enough to frighten Cumberland’s government.


  5. There are enough cookie cutter chain restaurants in this world! Stop the madness and leave these people alone. If in the future the land can be acquired legally and fairly then so be it but to force this many people out for more development is disgusting!


  6. Contact the Institute for Justice (www.ij.org)–they litigate eminent domain issues like yours and the city of Cumberland needs to know you’ll have a major player–taking things to the Supreme Court, if necessary.


  7. hi. I am very sorry to hear of your predicament. I don’t know anything about your neighborhood but if it is in disrepair and the city is trying to beautify the area, maybe a positive reaction would be to tell the city that you not only want to stay in your homes but you will work to make changes that will help beautify your neighborhood. this will only help your property values and the city’s view of your sense of home in your neighborhood. maybe community works days, etc. would work? wishing you all the best as you work to figure out how to save your areas. I am rooting for you.


  8. That is just ridiculous…The safety and well being of all people should be foremost, not the almighty dollar…Keep fighting for your rights and let the developer bully his way somewhere else…


  9. If the mayor and his city council want another chain restaurant so badly why not have it built in their neighborhood. Force the mayor or his mother and other family members out of their homes.


  10. My grandparents had to move out by eminant domain, however it was because of an expressway going through. It was difficult for them to move, at an elderly age and leave their friends and neighbors and everything that they worked for.

    To enforce this law on people regardless of age, race, or income level fie the benefit of a private developer is nothing but greed. As usual, the golden rule applies; those who have the gold make the rule.

    I do hope thesenpeople will be ablento livenout their lives in their homes. What a bunch of jerks in Cumberland; why did you vote them in?


  11. My sympathies. Of course you are correct. We face the same issues in Brooklyn, but on a more covert level.
    However as a resident of New York state I cannot interfere with a local issue of state rights.
    Best of luck


  12. I have seen this same thing in the past, we had a handicap person that the city wanted that was older and the only place he had ever lived. Local court stopped the removal of the home but built the city parking around his property and fenced it off with real nice fence. Just a little after his passing the House was removed and the City got its way.

    Most people don’t have a clue, when you live on a municipal (corp) reservation as a resident you only have corp. rights first, “the people” of the municipal corp are not citizens of the National or State government. They are treated like children with parents that believe that the parents know best until you leave “Home-Rule”.

    This is said, if you would like to put you parents in a rest home because you can take care of your self please contact:

    Roger Risner Roger@Gate-Tek.com 616 318 8031



  13. I’d suggest looking into a recall on the mayor. It might just get people’s attention. Second, I would contact the state about the rules for eminent domain. Maryland may be one of those states where it can not be used for other than government purposes. That is, for a section of hi-way, bridge, new school, or some such that is a public work and not a private work, such as the failed urban renewal project that caused many states to take a long look at eminent domain and change the laws for it.


  14. I use to live at 615 Elm Street….Go to the church on Williams St………….decorate the street at football time !
    climbed the Elm trees when they where on that street……had an apple tree out back…..built igloos…delivered the Times-News to all those people for 5 years…….now the city is out of money and wants to raise our taxes to put people out on the street….for what….SO THEY CAN MAKE A PROFIT…..OR…THAT PENN. FIRM……JUST LIKE WHEN THE IMMATURE MAYOR AND COUNCIL TRIED TO SELL LAKE GORDON FOR $4 MILLION—–WHEN ITS’ WORTH WAS $44 MILLION……ONCE THESES HOME ARE ACQUIRED…THE LOTS COULD SIT FOR YEARS….UNTIL A RETAIL OR FOOD CHAIN MOVES IN…..I DON’T SEE IT HAPPENING..WHEN THEY CAN GO STRAIGHT TO LAVALE AND GET WHAT IS NEEDED////…..fight city hall….stop the maddness !!


  15. There was a landmark Supreme Court decision on just this topic in the mid 2000’s. Unless there is a code related issue they should not be able to proceed.


  16. The Allegany County Preservation Society values neighborhoods like this and especially structures that are eligible to be on the National Register of Historic Places like the Kingsley Church which has become a community center for The Food Bank and Drug Rehab Programs along with other Church activities which use this facility 6 nights a week. Where is this all going when the church is destroyed?


    • Contact the Institute for Justice (www.ij.org)–they litigate eminent domain issues like yours and the city of Cumberland needs to know you’ll have a major player–taking things to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

      city places another 3 1/2 million to buy these homes at appraisal


  17. I too fought a developer and town board members. It’s all about a developer making money and he used his connections to push the project through. It’s disgusting that in America the developer has more pull and power then the people who live in the area. Don’t give up. You have a right to your home. Wishing you the best.


  18. I have sen big money win out over little people too many times, too many places. Some of us bought our homes years ago and struggled not just to make payments, but to PAY OFF our homes, believing that way we’d never face the horror of losing our homes. Then folks out to make a buck instead of a home come and try to force us to sell! At 70+, can I hope ever to pay off another home, at today’s prices? And how about the memories, the moments that make a house a home we love? I join you in saying NO. Good luck; hold onto your slice of the American dream!


  19. It is disgraceful for the city to use eminent domain to steal the lives of the people who have made this community a community. It is reminiscent of what happened many many years ago when the white man came in and stole the land from the Native People. Now the city wants to steal the land from the homeowners who have contributed to this community and now are ready to enjoy it at their ease. What a culture we have: absolutely no respect for our elders, and no treasuring of the values of working hard and owning a home. This MUST STOP!!!


  20. Amen to that. I am 100% on your side. There are lots of things you can do. I only have time to list 2. One is get the Institute for Justice which they already have I see. This is IJ.org. They’ve done wonders. Another is contact the Libertarian Party at LP.org and see who are the people to contact in your area. Get to know them. they might have contact with lawyers, also they may be running candidates for local office. These candidates are almost certain to be in our corner against redevelopment. You can support them as they support you.


  21. Here is an idea, break the lots into sub lots one foot by one foot. Give them away, to the church, to relatives, and to friends. You continue to pay taxes on the property.
    When they try to eminent domain , they are looking at 1000 – 5000 people, each one will have to be adjudicated in court to determine the cost.
    Years of works, millions for they legal fees….

    You can also give the property to the state / federal government, with the agreement that it never be developed, and that you get to live out your life on the property.


  22. Tell us more about your situation. Detroit has become one ongoing slum where the city ignored it’s elderly and minorities for decades with no interest in helping. Now, they’re bulldozing over 50,000 homes that had been abandoned or people simply weren’t renting or selling. So, they are condemning and destroying them when many could easily be renovated by groups like Habitat For Humanity or one house could be torn down for the supplies needed to repair two near it.

    Here, I see two things as we’re being told Cumberland is renovating / revitalizing but, at the same time, we’re being told they’re doing it for a business. We were told about how Baltimore city leaders had been given over $150 million dollars to renovate a community and the people there practically begged us to come look and show them where any renovations were done as the city leaders pocketed, misappropriated or wasted every dime.

    So, I can believe you when you say they’re trying to take your homes because leaders in Maryland have a proven track record of massive fraud and corruption when it comes to minorities and the elderly.

    But, we have also seen people defending their homes when they were slums and they were being offered better housing in better communities. Sometimes, city leaders use heavy handed tactics to make people do what’s best for everyone and when they tear down a slum, they often sell the land for development which helps cover the cost of new housing.

    Show us your community.

    The few photo’s shared show us a few nice homes but we can also see some areas that look a bit more neglected. Do some Youtube videos where you walk around and show us the community, share the history and then take the next step by showing us the city and developers have other areas they could choose.

    Think right vs left for a moment in regard to how divided we are as to me this is coming off as more of a leftwing community ve rightwing development. This may be far from the truth but perceptions matter when people today only read a headline to make up their mind when the story says something different.

    Rightwingers tend to respond better to these issues when they see a proactive community. On issues of eminent domain, they tend to view it as the heavy hand of the government and where the community is working to clear overgrowth, litter and help one another to dispel their perceptions.

    I see decent people and a nice community. But, many others will say you’re showing us the best parts and the city may be correct. So, show us the rest of the community as, after seeing the massive corruption in Baltimore, many outside that area can be influenced to help pressure the city if we see more… because from what we’ve seen of Maryland politics, you’re going to need outside pressure and media attention.


  23. The power of eminent domain is supposed to be for essential transportation, education, defense, and community infrastructure, not for private GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES that do not benefit the general public.

    Here is another scenario: Cumberland, MD was built along a major railroad. What if Amtrak actually got some major funding to expand its facilities for improved passenger rail service on the Washington – Pittsburgh line, and that required taking some private property? The RepUGLYcans would scream bloody murder about “property rights” and try to stop the rail project because they oppose all passenger rail projects around the country but support all government funded highway projects and the ugly SUB-URBAN SPRAWL that grows up around them. The RepUGLYcan highwaymen have an infinite capacity for corruption and abuse of power.

    Here in Houston, the person who misrepresents me in Congress pushed through a massive widening of Interstate 10 that required gobbling up hundreds of acres of small businesses, homes, and woods, but the same CORRUPT RepUGLYcan Congress critter, opposed the building of two light Rail Transit lines through “his” district on the grounds of protecting “property rights” even though the rail lines would largely be built in the medians of a couple of major city streets. Those older small businesses along I-10 were largely replaced by Big Box retail stores with huge parking lots and fast food joints owned by out-of-state corporations. As much as possible, most Big Retail and Fast Food chains try to employ part-time workers on irregular schedules and pay minimum wages with no benefits. Most of the goods they sell are imported from foreign countries, and the food comes from chemical-intensive factory farms, but the profits go to an increasingly smaller list of rich investors who have no contact with the workers, consumers, or local communities.

    The photos of the homes threatened in Cumberland are compact, multi-story houses with small street frontages typical of those built before automobile suburbs infested our nation and often illegal to build in sub-urban housing pods. The retail and fast food strips along our Interstate Highways always have vast parking lots that discourage walking, promote excessive car use, and prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground. The storm runoff contains both oil residues and heavy metals from the parking lots and overflows into local streets, submerges underpasses, overwhelms storm sewers, fills local streams, and then endangers communities far downstream. While Big Oil sponsored transit opponents use the Environmental Impact Statement process to slow down or halt rail projects, CORRUPT officials who want highway expansion and more sub-urban sprawl, minimize or outright LIE about the negative impact of more junk development.

    Do Texans want to pay for unnecessary Interstate Highway expansion in Maryland, help a city prey upon its citizens in order to build the same kind of junk found at most exit ramps, and then pay for disaster relief when the unnecessary development causes a river city to flood? Does my sister downstream in Washington DC want contaminated floodwater coming her way from parking lots that were built on land that originally didn’t contribute to flooding? All of nature is related in one ecosystem. Big Money is related and often in conflict with the lives of local people.


  24. What’s wrong with letting the Market decide? If they really want it enough they would be able to make you an offer that would make you happy to sell. Everyone has their price. It should be the price set by the home owners to sell the property, not the politicians to sell themselves that make the sale happen. Whether the land is more valuable to the residents or the developers is what should make the deal. The city should not be involved, except to issue permits to the developer if they can make their point the old fashion way, with cash. Two people want the same thing, they can debate the value among themselves.


  25. People complain the the Supreme Court is too conservative, yet it is our “conservative” SCOTUS that took away our individual property rights when they determined that eminent domain was “for the public good” if the new use for the land generated more tax dollars for the government than the taxes paid to the government by the current owner. It is another way for the government to cheat its middle class citizens for the benefit of the local government and big time developers. This is outrageous and needs to be changed. If we get an even more liberal SCOTUS, it never will be!


  26. I sent this email to all below:

    Dear Mayor Brian K. Grim,
    Councilwoman Meyers,
    Councilman Seth D. Bernard,
    Councilman David Caporale,
    Councilman Richard J. “Rock” Cioni,

    Ask your grandchildren what you should do about your eminent domain powers. These decisions will mark all of your reputations, way after you are gone. What is more important, your duty to represent, or a few buildings made of concrete and brick and concrete roads?

    Souls or shovels?

    Is this to be your legacy? Something on your gravestones in 50 years?

    Ask your grandchildren. It will be their world.

    Commerce or community?

    Profits or people?

    (A northeasterner who has been a real estate broker for 30+years).

    On the topic of a chain restaurant, think of all the future slaughtered animals which will be served on the plate. You are ALSO voting DIRECTLY to displace families in order to kill innocent animals, create environmental waste and create disease of the cardiovascular system and endocrine system by VOTING in such establishments.

    Focus your town efforts on HEALTH and COMMUNITY.

    People will flock to live in a bucolic town.

    Spend money on farmers markets, health, peace and a stress-free lifestyle.

    Don’t pimp yourself into more wasteland USA.

    Imagine your bodily state protecting your citizens.
    Imagine your bodily state protecting commerce.
    Do this for a few minutes.
    How are YOU feeling in each state.

    All of this may effect YOUR OWN HEALTH, so choose wisely. You are serving PUBLIC office, not PRIVATE.

    Sher Bauer
    Showplace Properties




  27. shame on elected officials not serving their constituents but the interest of big money! this has to stop in America!! vote them out of office. show up at their meetings in numbers make the time to record your input.


  28. You might want to contact the National Trust for Historic Preservation to see if they might send this out via their social media, as well as Place Economics – both have active Facebook pages. Place Economics is all about the retention of historic neighborhoods and the preservation of community character. Bulldozing an established neighborhood in favor of a restaurant and parking lot goes against all the kind of work that they do. Really, this is such terrible, terrible planning and poor leadership – Rolling Mill – and Cumberland – deserves so much better!



    Congratulations on your petition’s traction – best of luck to Rolling Mill!


    • Penntex only builds dollar stores and one small group of buildings in LaVale on Winchester road. The real problem is that the city did not put out a RFP for this to give anyone else the right to bid.
      The biggest farce is that the 13 acres next to Martin’s is flat and ready to build. Railroad is willing to sell. They will negotiate. Asking price 3 M but would take less. The city didn’t even contact them. This is about who gets payoffs in city hall.It is costing the city way more to buy homes, demolish for 5 Million and then sell for $935,000.00. Does this smell or what.


      • There are no tenants proposed.We have plenty of vacant stores right now. They say it is 3.5 million but they used 1.5 M from an earlier bond issue before this 3.5M. Md Ave Project is not really Rolling Mill. Rolling Mill is Martins and the land over to LaMont St.
        No one mentions that if they destroy the Kingsley Church that takes away a community center that is greatly needed. It houses the Food Bank, Drug REhab classes, and youth activities as well as church activities.They function 6 nights per week.
        Hershberger went to Railroad to see if they could buy 1 acre next to Patricks for a smaller church. The Railroad laughed at him.


      • It does smell ! Seems someone in city hall is gonna make a bundle..
        But the citizens of Cumberland will also suffer, with higher taxes, when all these parcels of land just sit and city hall loses tax revenue.
        Mayor Grim might have said on Tuesday..” No tax raises..THIS YEAR ..” for which he did..and no raising of the water and sewer ( which is over 300 % higher–since he took office )….

        The Railroad might wanna sell that property south of Martins’..but if the EPA gets involved on the sale,
        finds the unsuitable stuff that was buried under that ground, no one will build, till all is removed…
        that part of town/land had a lot of items buried before it was covered….I used to work in that area for CSX…. They (CEO’s) will deny it…but mine eyes have seen it covered….same goes for south cumberland section….
        Might cost even more to get that portion of land suitable for renting !
        alot of dirty work has been done at city hall…that is politics…DC is even worst….Baltimore is
        getting like DC……Seems the Dems are the culprit everywhere….look at Flint,Michigan !
        My opinion about these homes the city wants to buy, maybe they think if they get rid of the homes, maybe the drug dealers will go away…………….they need to set up cameras downtown ( or what use to be downtown), and watch the drug deals..or on Va. Ave…Sheetz…the store doesn’t sell..it is the thugs outside and around the area that do the dirty work……DRUGGIES..TRASH..JUST GETS SWEPT DOWN THE STREET….NEXT STOP NORTH END..OR WEST SIDE…MAYBE EAST SIDE…..
        WHERE DO THESE HOME OWNERS GO..LaVale..Frostburg….or west Va…..Cumberland loses Revenue….Landlords jack up rents…city jacks up the taxes…NO INDUSTRY WILL EVER COME TO THIS CITY…ABATING THE TAXES ONLY HURTS THE PEOPLE WHO OWN….NOT THE RENTERS…SO THEY THINK !!


  29. Your position statement is elegant and powerful in its determination. I hope that your group will find the
    political support that you need and deserve. Good luck.


  30. Why don’t you start finding out who the proposed tenants of this commercial atrocity are? Then post it around the Net, including the story of what they and that evil developer are doing, so everyone, everywhere can stop buying from them. Also publicize this locally, so that you can GUARANTEE that developer and those crooked politicians that these tenants will not rent that property, not if they don’t want their chains to be put out of business nationally. Then follow up, and every time that developer tries to do another project, let the tenants know how welcome they will be in Cumberland. Also check the local tax records and find which malls that developer owns, and write all of those tenants about what kind of vermin they are renting from, and offer to boycott them, too. Advertise in local papers and see if you can put those existing malls out of business so that communist monster of a developer won’t have any money to complete this attack on a peaceful neighborhood. Regard this as a war against that developer and the corrupt politicians in the developer’s pocket. The developer needs to be bankrupted and the politicians concerned need to become unelectable. And don’t forget to picket all of the developer’s malls: Next time, it’ll be some other Cumberland resident’s home that’s on the line, so they better cooperate and buy somewhere else. Keep everything legal, and massively publicize on the Internet.


    • There are NO tenants, as of yet….BUT look downtown…or what they call the “Open Mall”….
      Do they want to rent there? Hell No !!! Look on Winchester Road at the ones built…not always full of customers !
      A super guess who will make up the tax revenue for this POOR city…..the Tax payers, who own land and homes….NOT the Mayor….he RENTS, doesn’t care what happens to the city……People are leaving this city almost daily…if not he Normal Way..or in a Body Bag for all the drugs….
      City IS in trouble, financially…..and yes the Rolling Mill was extended by the city….2008 survey shows that is only runs to the southside of Williams street to OldTown Road…..
      Vote out the existing members of council…..I look for the Constitution Park to go next !!


  31. check with city hall….the Mayor knows the Penn. firm that is gonna make millions off of this city…
    CEDC…..city council people know the firm then check them out..I did on the last sale in 2012..
    we ran them out of town…crooked bunch…..city almost sold for $4 million, when the properity was worth $44 million///


  32. Admire your fight, but you wont stop the eminent domain. You can delay and prolong it. But the end result will be the same unfortunately. The “public use” is painted with a broad brush in court. Its almost NEVER shot down in Maryland and the city of Cumberland knows this. They wouldn’t have done this if they didn’t know the end result. Research cases in MD and you will see. I feel for the residents but its coming.




  34. What a shame. From 1776 to the present we have had a constant fight with The KING. King Politicians. King Government. It is time to eliminate the nonsense that The King can do no wrong. And prosecute the Politicians who wage a continuous War on Americans.


  35. Look for any connections between the mayor, his family, and the developers, businesses, etc…Please post information that you can.


    • The average price to tear down a house here is between 8,000 and 15,000. The latest order to tear down was for 18,600. Then they will sell the land to next door owners for 1,500.00. The taxpayer pays the difference. The Mayor and city administrator get there unreported commission of about $4,000. This is going to be repeated 27 times on a new project called Baltimore AVe Project. This project was not reported in the local newspaper. but passed on May 17, in the council meeting. Funny thing is all these properties were transferred to Neighborhood Housing whose executive director is Mayor Grim. Another illegal move on the part of the city to pay him two salaries. Now add the payoffs and you will see why Cumberland is headed for disaster while the States Attorneys office will not investigate anything.CUMBERLAND CORRUPTION IS ALIVE AND WELL.Even the States Attorney General is silent on this.


    • You don’t necessarily have to find a direct connection. In the vacancy where other people have Souls, for Politicians there is a dark spot showing a constant Movie of themselves as superior and the Citizen as trash.


  36. Mary…..It is who….IS… behind the scenes….council not smart enough….! Puppets
    for CEO’s…
    Penn. Firm will make a bundle off this city !
    Home-owners will suffer..
    Many more will leave this city ! Population IS shrinking !!


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